• If you are under any type of cancer treatment, you must wait until treatment is complete and present a doctors note that your cosmetic tattoo appointment is approved by a medical professional.

  • MUST be off Accutane or any prescribed acne medications for 1 year before treatment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • 2 Weeks prior to your service, you must stop using retinol or retin-a products.

  • Similarly, no botox or fillers 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment.

  • DO NOT take aspirin, fish oil, niacin, vitamin e, and/or ibuprofen or blood thinners 72 hours prior to your procedure. Tylenol is fine.

  • Alcohol cannot be consumed within 24 hours of your appointment.

  • Not following these steps WILL lead to excess bleeding, blurry strokes and undesirable color.

  • DO NOT tan or sunbathe 30 DAYS before & after the procedure.

  • No chemical peels, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy 3-4 weeks before the procedure

  • Must be off of antibiotics for two months before your appointment


  • DO NOT drink coffee, tea, alcohol, or energy drinks on the day of your procedure to avoid bleeding/oozing and scab formation. Chocolate also contains caffeine and should be avoided before your appointment.


  • NO tweezing, waxing, or threading for 3 days leading up to your appointment.

  • DO NOT use Latisse, Revitabrow, or other hair growth serums or intense treatments 3-4 WEEKS before the procedure.


  • If you suffer from cold sores, you must take Valtrex or another medicatoin from your doctor 3 days (and leading up to ) your appointment and 3 days after.